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Hi guys and girls,

So im starting to get into machining with my build and before i do, i want to obviously broaden my knowledge with terminology. With this instant im talking about darton sleeves, and their terminology "Flats". This sleeve has a "Flats" of 3.872. And also chamfer, single and double chamfer.

If anyone would be so kind as to educate me. Thanks

I haven't checked, but from the terminology I would assume it's the distance between the flats that form the sides of the inner sleeves? The flats butt up against each other.

As you know, the width of the sleeves is restricted by the bore spacing, which is the bore diameter plus the distance between the bores (actually 2 x 1/2 the distance, but same total). Different engines with the same bores may have different wall thickness that form the distance between the bores, so need different "flats" distances.

It should be the same as the bore spacing, with the two end cylinders having just one flat with the other sides being the full diameter.

Chamfer, and double chamfer, will be details for how the sleeves are fitted to the engine, to hold them in place in the block and how they seal the water passages, etc.

IIRC, they do have quite a lot of useful information on their site, or in their downloadable catalogue, I don't recall which?

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