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Dbw itb isolation project

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Since we are in isolation all over the world, i decided to finish my itb setup. It consist of 4 honda tb, custom made manifold, and a rx8 dbw tb. I know it doesnt look nice. But it does work the job very well. And also cheaper than the expensive setup. This is my second dbw itb. The first one is a nissan dbw attached to 4age itb. And i should have made the injector on top of the trumpet. Just thought about it right now

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Looks an interesting project.

One question, though - there doesn't seem to be any means of adjusting the relative position of the throttle blades, not so important at full throttle, but may make it rather difficult to get the initial opening balanced?

Look like a cool project, as Gord said though is there any adjustment to balance the throttles at idle or light throttle?

I have done a similar setup in the past on one of our track cars, using a BMW E-Throttle motor (Photos attached)

Jenvey now do a similar actuator but with much higher torque drive. We have used this on some ITB V8s we have done.

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No i did not implement any adjustment for light throttle at all. I just set it on the beginning. And i runs good after the start. I cant really balance it out because of the vacuum is almost non existent on this motor. This was actually a full drag car running on methanol. It rarely sees light throttle.

and yes Chris, been following u for a while now on instagram. Tbh, u are one of my inspiration in doing this. But i cant really afford the kind of setup u did. This was actually just a mixed parts of whats lying around inside my shop.

Ah, sweet, methanol is MUCH more tolerant of mixture ratios, so a bit one way or the other isn't a concern as long as some sort of idle is possible - heck, spitting raw fuel at idle looks cool-as!

If you get bored with the being stuck inside - don't know if you have 'lock-down' over there, but good idea to impiment it as best you can, anyway - you can strip the bodies down and knife-edge the butterflies/blades, remove the side of the shafts in the airflow that DOESN'T have the screw threads, and streamline the side that does have the threads.

It can make a noticable difference on setups with some restriction there, you shouldn't have that problem but, hey, looks cool and every little bit helps. ;-)

Ahh yes on a drag car light throttle isn't very important and as Gord said, spitting methanol fuel looks cool!

I like your use of the parts you have had around the shop, great initiative. Look forward to seeing more projects.

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