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Drag racing trasmission

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I need help choosing a transmission ( sequential , dog box) for a drag racing car ( bmw e46 m3 )

Which brand support these transmission? And what about the final gear ? And what about the upshift sync ratio !!!

Gear ratio too !!

Also I want the 4wd transfer case or gear .

Car is 1300 whp , 9000 rpm , 1200 NM . Sure I'm Ganna

add more boost.

Thank you in advance

Tarmac, sand or sand hill drag?

1/4 mile/400m, or 1/8th/200m?

If it were 2WD, you could look at any of the major gearbox vendors, especially the US ones, but if you need 4WD you may need to contact some of the US 4WD specialists - do you mean AWD, just driving the 4 wheels?

Personally, I'm not convinced of there being a need for AWD for many drag cars - there's added complexity, power loss driving that part of the transmission and mass when many vehicles already have enough rear traction to lift the fronts off the surface meaning they're not actually helping, then when they drop it'because there isn't the power to fully load the rears?

There will certainly be times AWD might help - very low traction or heavy front bias where the load isn't transferring fully, but it needs to be considered carefully as other changes may be easier, cheaper, and quicker.

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