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e36 drift monster m50/m52/m54/s54 frankenstein

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Hello everyone, my name is Hristo im from Bulgaria living in the UK , im not new here but its my first time writing, i have a small garage fixing and upgrading BMWs mostly .

So more about my project

1998 m52b28 LHD bmw e36 coupe

for now ill keep strictly to engine upgrades and tuning

i have a spare m50b25 non vanos lying around

so i took off the cams and sprockets and installed them into the m52 to delete the vanos

for now thats going to be the only engine work i will do i want to test its limits

i have a megasquirt 3 integrated into the original ECU box

running stock m50b25 non vanos wiring loom

ill be runing gt3076 china

cast log manifold bottom mount

s54 oil filter + 25 row oil cooler

bosch 044

custom 6 an lines + surge tank 2ltrs

sytec fuel pressure regulator

custom fuel rail

siemens deka 630cc long injectors

innovate lc2

turbosmart ultragate 38mm

any tips or advises will be appreciated, it will be running pump gas TESCO 99 octane best u can find UK, we dont have any access to e85 so im considering water/meth i want to see how it behaves at 7psi (wastegate pressure) and how long it will last .

later i will start uploading some photos :)

Welcome to HPA Bimmerboy92, You'll need to ask specific questions to get answers on here as tuning is such a broad subject when people don't know your build.

Tesco99 is a high RON fuel but you need to be mindful that it has an ethanol content (I can't remember the exact amount) which makes it such a high RON fuel so if your car has been sat for a while with it in the tank then you may suffer knock as the benefits of the ethanol have been negated by the moisture that it has absorbed from the atmosphere

Thanks bud , im aware of the ethanol content maybe thats why UK tuners use it and prefer it to Shell , ill see how it goes i hope at 7 8 psi i wont be really knock limited 10.5:1 compression btw stock

And another quick question do you guys recon 38mm turbosmart ultragate will evacuate enough gasses to keep me away from boost spikes at those low pressures . There is a photos of the position looks like its in the direction of the flow on almost all runners

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