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honda obd0 tuning n/a, and forced induction

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I have a honda civic build that I'm in the midst of, and need to know what kind of software i need to download for road tuning. Also, has anyone any experience with obd0, mpfi? Would it be more beneficial to me, and my build, to go full stand alone, re-flash the ecu, or chip the ecu? I am very new to the tuning world, and any knowledgeable input is appreciated.



You can make a chip for the OBD1 ecu I think (I dont remember if is the obd1 or obd0 that you can do that), is easy and straigh forward, you can have good result on those engines NA or FI, but you will not have any correction or engine protection doing that, if you plan on going NA on any of those engine will work but if you wanna make things easier and faster I will go with a standalone ecu, you have some plug and play options at a good price or go wirein for a very good price like a Link Atom2 or something like that.

Hondata or Ktuner will be fit your civic.

What model year do you have? Do you have emission inspections in your area?

It's a 1990 Honda Civic base model, but I have converted the wire harness to to multi point fuel injection, from dual point fuel injection. I have a same year civic SI ecu that I swapped out, because the Si came with mpfi, as a factory standard. I am not looking for crazy gains from this project, I just want maximum efficiency, from the ecu. In my area, I have a one time emissions test, that I completed and passed, and until I resell, which I don't plan on doing, I don't have to smog check again.

I really like the Hondata S300.

I've been hearing a lot of good reviews for the s300, but honestly is that something I should consider? Cause' I really don't want to go over board with tech, when my goal is to just make a bit more power, and achieve, 150% reliability, over factory the original setup.

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