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Will use opportunity to share some of my hardware designs with community. As I don't indent to make profit, and don't want to bother with mass production and distribution on global scale, then here I will publish some of my open(ish) designs for all those builders that are keen in electronics or that have a friend who is :)

Open-ish source means, that for PCB designs I won't publish CAD source files, but all the necessary stuff for manufacturing your own copy is available. There are all the necessary files to order PCB's from those prototyping services, like JLCPCB or Elecrow, and so on, or use your local manufacturer instead.

Software for future boards will be truly open-source. So you can write one that suits exactly your use case. If you create your own firmware variant for some new application, it would be nice to share it with rest of the world :)

Hope these will be useful to you as well.

Disclaimer: Designs are provided as is, install at your own risk. Will try to test them before publishing, but can't promise that for all of them.

Root directory for all projects: https://github.com/MicroRally

Let's start off with some simple helper boards - MR Adapter-X


As of now I have created 6(5) different small in-line solderable, but strain relieved boards for various tasks. Adapter-1 was created as harness builder I know, came to me and said that it would be nice to be able to add pull-up resistors or voltage dividers in some tidy fashion to wires, as adding those 1/4W through hole resistors to harness can be bothersome and ugly. So this solution was made.

After that I came up with some more ideas for potentiality useful helper boards. Note that these have not yet been tested, but as they are so simple, I feel confident enough to share them.

For those who don't trust any sort of soldering, then 2.0mm pitch connectors can be soldered. (Like Molex Micro-Latch right angle connectors). In such case PCB can be shortened.

Adapter 1:

2 channel pull-up/down or voltage divider or filter board.

Adapter 2:

Ecumaster EMU MUX switch resistor board. For connecting 3 low side switches to single analog input.

Adapter 3:

Variable reluctance (VR) to square wave (Hall like) signal converter board. 5V supply only.

Adapter 4:

Variable reluctance (VR) to sqare wave (Hall like) signal converter board. With 12V supply.

Adapter 5:

2 channel diode OR-ing board.

Adapter 6:

PWM duty cycle to analog voltage (0-5V) converter board.

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These are great! I would like to suggest another simple one. A regulated power supply board. Put a small 5V 1A 3-pin regulator on a board so that 12V can be used to generate a regulated 5V (or other voltages as regulators come in various outputs). Some data systems have limited 5V supplies and additional current is needed for more 5V devices.

Working on Subaru DCCD controller. Have already some working prototypes that have been deployed in some rally cars. But those design are not that good to share, so currently working on one that would be good enough.

Just so this information is out in open, so others doesn't have to search for cars with DCCD and measure themselves (but could be usdefull):

Today I measured 2004 STis OEM DCCD, and 2 more bare 6MT coils.

Coil parameters measured:

Resistance [ohm]: 1.4 , 1.5 , 1.6

Inductance [mH] : 5.31 , 6.25 , 6.30

OEM DCCD Controllers output voltage and calculated current

LOCK: 6V / 4.29A

80% - 4.5V / 3.21A

60% - 3.3V / 2.35A

40% - 2.6V / 1.86A

20% - 1.8V / 1.29A

OPEN - 0.0V / 0.0A

Unfortunately accessing 5MT DCCD is bit more difficult, but will get to that as well. Have heard that their coils are the same, but would be nice to check that, and outputs from 5MT OEM controller.

Before I created first prototype I got to measure one 6MT, but that was long time ago, and some memory from that had faded.

Some new helper boards.

LEDs on a PCB, with a connector, and some other necessary components. Have made 3 variants so far. All have 4 channels, same pitch between LEDs and same form factor. Differences are in logic.

Indicators-1 -> Dimmable active high inputs.

Indicators-2 -> Dimmable active low inputs, with common 12V rail.

Indicators-3 -> User configurable inputs, without dimm option.

Manufacturing is same as before - get Gerber files, give them to PCB Manufacturer, receive them and enjoy. There are files for either single PCBs or for panelled PCBs (8pcs. as one unit).


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