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Mitsubishi EVO VIII - Autronic SM4 + Autronic R500 CDI

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Hi guys,

I am still having a problem with this. I can't continue.Crank is fine but no spark. I want to try this test for the CDI but I do not understand how I can do this (this was from a reply that I got from Autronic):

"The CDI might not be responding to pulses in trigger inputs.

The CDI can be tested.

The CDI fires when a 12V voltage goes to GND.

So if IGN ON the triggers are at above 9V, then just short to GND and the appropriate coil will fire.

Test for each of the 4 triggers"

So as far as I understand, I have to check voltage with a polymeter at the ignition outputs of the SM4 (which are connected as an input triggers to the CDI). Voltage is around 9.5 when ignition is on

How can I short to GND when ignition is on? I have never done this so I afraid of failing :) :)

I suppose the trigger input should be shorted to GND, because Autronic said that coil fires when it goes from 12V to 0. So input should go from 9.5 V to 0

I can send photos if will help you understand what's going on. Just let me know what you need to check because I really dont know what to do with this (there is high possibility that SM4 is damaged somehow, that's why we dont have any spark)

With the ECU still connected to the CDI, Back probe one of the connectors with a needle or similar (doesnt matter if it is ECU connector or CDI connector). The first test is with ignition on and engine not cranking, measure the voltage on that needle - it should be >9V. Next test is get a small jumper lead connected to ground at one end and touch the other end onto the needle, you should get a spark at the relevant sparkplug everytime you touch ground onto the needle/back probe.

That what I was thinking to do Adam. Thank you very much for the confirmation :) :)

I am going to test this as soon as possible. If I get no spark with this test, is it possible to have a damaged CDI and not a damaged (or badly configured even if I doubt) SM4 right?

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