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My chassi dyno.

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This is my chassi dyno that i in the process of fixing up and retrofitting a modern data acquisition system. The seller did not know what brand of dyno it originally was but looking at the construction of it its most likely not some homemade garage built thing. For example it had three sensors for measuring rpm. Two rotary angel encoders and one optocoupler.

The plan is to freshen it up whit some paint and change all the old ball bearings. The choice of data acquisition system will probably fall on a Yourdyno, mostly because of price but also because the manufactures is somewhat near me compared to the alternatives (neighbouring country).



Looks like an interesting project - it's always cool when people rebuild older, discarded, machinery to their needs.

You may be able to pick up indications of the make and/or model from things like the ID plate on the load generator, or the bearings' make, or even the way the tread-plate covers are painted.

Very cool project, whereabout in Sweden are you?

i have Dtec software ( Australian made ) on my motorcycle inertia dyno , it is very universal, might be worth a look

Gord, thanks! Hope you will enjoy it. Unfortunately it did not come whit a load generator/ retarder.

I either going to build a water brake for it or buy a eddy current brake.

Benny, thanks! I am located in the city of Uppsala.

Steven, thanks for the suggestion! I will check it out 😀. Can it manage steady state as well as inertia dynos?

I had Sportdevices dyno controller on my old Dynomet dyno roller dyno, it worked very well and support was also good from them if i had any issues and they also help to set up PIDs to get steady state working properly.


If you decide to use sportdevices controller, i think you should also buy their remote controller as well, very useful.

If you are doing any aftermarket tuning, you need eddy current brake to do steady state tuning.

My bike dyno is a simple 200 kg inertia roller ( with 2 disc brakes — i can apply load for “ crude “ mapping ). so is the simplest of software requirements

Dtec.net.au site worth a look , their system is very universal , for all types of systems

i’m guessing the Australian $ to EU €. would make it attractive , tech backup for me was quick and helpful.

So i have manage to move the dyno into its new home. I am using airbags to lift and lower it so i can have a flat floor in the workshop.


I tried using a 5 kW electric motor as an calibration tool for internal dyno losses but in it did not work and i have to use a car instead.

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I managed however to dyno my 50cc racing moped

[img ]https://www.hpacademy.com/forum/build-threads/show/my-chassi-dyno/

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