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My little 4.6

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My son and I are building a little N/A Ford 4.6L for my 2001 Bullitt Mustang, which will someday be his. We are starting with a Teksid aluminum block which will save 86 lbs over the stock cast iron block. We are stuffing the bottom end with a Manley crank, Manley h-beam rods, and Manley pistons, logic being it’ll be ready for boost at some point. We had the block bored .020 over and got it back from the machinist this week. My son and I enjoyed measuring the bores this afternoon. Looks like the measurements line up with spec quite nicely. We are looking forward to working through this build together. #HalleBullittBuild. #ThanksHPAcademy

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My son didn’t help today, but Emmet wanted to come out to the garage. I verified all the measurements on the block this week. Knocked out all the freeze and oil plugs too. Will clean the block the next free weekend I have.

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Nice spreadsheet for the measurements, nice family proyect .

Thank you juliotdr. I appreciate that. It is a fun father son project.

Today I deburred all the sharp edges on the block and removed the casting flash. There was quite a bit of flash inside this aluminum block and the edges of the machined surfaces were pretty sharp. I used my trusty Dremel with flexible extension and carbide deburring bits. They made quick work of the soft aluminum. I’m sure I could have done better smoother cuts, but this was my first time deburring. I was definitely getting better toward the end.

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Tonight my son and I filed the piston rings with a manual file. The top ring is stainless steel and takes forever to file. It is so hard! I had him start with the second ring which is much softer and he thought it was easy. Then the top ring came and I’m not sure he ever wants to do it again. Lol.

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