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New harness build (going to be a crazy one!)

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I'm in the planning phase of my new harness. It's a fairly complex build with a lot of devices on the canbus and other things.

The hardware on the canbus in this build are: an Emtron KV8, Ecumaster ADU7Autosport, 2x Ecumaster PMU16Autosport, 1x Ecumaster PMU16, MSEL Battery Isolator, ECUMaster IMU/GPS, Blink marine keypad, and an OEM Ford EPAS. And most likely will add an Ecumaster wireless steering wheel controller (when it becomes available)

I'm going to run those in 3 seperate busses. But those aren't the only twisted pairs in the harness. There's also going to be 2 twisted pairs for the ethernet, twisted pair for the USB logger from the ADU, twisted pairs for the knock sensor and crank sensor, and I like to run the Lambda wires twisted too (as per Emtron recommendations)

I just shocked myself when I realized how busy the main trunk of the harness is going to be!

Counted all in, the core of the main trunk of this harness is going to contain:

7x Unshielded twisted pairs

3x Shielded twisted pairs

4x 12awg (80A output from PMU to EPAS)

And that core will be wrapped by at least 50x 22awg wires.

This is by far going to be the most complex wiring project I've done to date. The good news is the fat main trunk where all these meet up will physically be a short length before they split and mostly go their seperate ways.

The image is a rough "whiteboard" mockup (not to scale) of the routing where these will run and meet and branch.

Over the holiday break I'll start physically mocking up the core to figure out the best way to do it, and figure out what the diameter is going to be.

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