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2 topics i would like some advice on.

What are your thoughts on decompression head gaskets? Are they a good thing and are they a necessary thing for an NA to turbo conversion? I have talked to different people that either (a): rave about decomp gaskets and say they’re awesome and to use one or you’ll blow the motor up, or (b): say that they aren’t necessary and will only mean you have to run more boost to get the same power figures, and nowadays tuning has came so far that a good tune will still make good power reliably with low boost.

secondly, what are your thoughts on a nisstune chip for means of engine management and tuning? Car in question is a r31 skyline with the turbo converted RB30e.

Probably a bit late. But I have an NA motor that I have added a turbo with a stock COMETIC MLS head gasket and its fine.