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RX7 FC3S - Racecar

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I absolutely love all aspects of automotive culture, and would like to share with you my long term race car project - an RX7 FC3S :-) Please let me know if the links below are not working - I have shared a link to folders within my google drive as viewing several photos at a time on the forum was a little time consuming, and also: because rotary idle video!

The quick specs on the build to date are as follows:

- 13b bridgeported and studded rotary engine, built by Al Marsh

- Borgwarner s300 turbo specified by TurboCare

- Link Monsoon ECU

- 12 Point roll cage with side intrusion bars, and gussets to A pillars

- Custom stainless steel 4" to twin 3" exhaust

- Turbosmart 50mm wastegate, plumbed in

- Custom aluminium intake piping

- Turbosmart Raceport BOV

- Custom intercooler, with internal vanes to evenly distribute airflow across the core

- Custom radiator, in V mount configuration

- Aluminium cooler piping to Davies Craig EP140 electric water pump

- Custom wiring loom, designed by Zac, built by Matt, troubleshot by a very appreciative Ben ;-)

- Custom ducting to and from V mount setup

The current to do list looks like this:

- Wait for logbook to arrive (this week hopefully), then preliminary scrutineers inspection

- Re-do custom ducting to V mount setup

- Wire and build custom display using Arduino to drive LEDs and 16x2 screen - has anyone had any issues with the speed that the Arduino can read CAN signals and then display them? I have seen several custom displays here and around the internet, but with little follow up on how the project runs.

- Run simulations using FreeCAD and Simscale to determine the approximate ideal location for the cooling air to leave the bonnet

- Paint and panel said bonnet, bumper and the new hole, so that she looks presentable again

- Tune! Race! ... Win!

Please excuse my photo- and videography skills, I would like to place the blame squarely with my phone's camera and the poor lighting in my garage (very thankful for the garage, though!)

Ben's RX7 FC Pictures as at 20 May 2019

Ben's RX7 FC Idling

If you have any questions, or constructive criticism please feel free to leave it below - I'm always happy to learn and implement new ideas, especially if they result in going faster!

Thanks for your time,



Hey Ben, some real great work you have done there! That bridgeport sounds amazing at idle. Hopefully you will post some videos of it at the track soon, keep us posted.

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