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s13 silvia with timing problem

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Hello everyone, I´m Victor from Spain and I´m trying to solve a problem with my car but at the moment I´m stuck.

The car is an s13 Silvia ca18det I bought last year in Australia when I lived there, and then I import it to Spain when I came back. When I bought it the car was running on e85 so I took it to a tuner in the Gold Coast to tune the car to run on 98 pump gas because we dont have e85 in Spain. The tuner told me the lambda wasnt working at all but he tuned the car anyways, so after the tune the car was running good on 98, I drove it for a time in Australia and then got it shipped to Spain where I drove it for some time aswell with no problems.

One day I realized that after 2 or 3 pulls the exhaust manyfold and turbo were getting red hot very quick (at first I thought it could be my exhaust manyfold been so restrictive). Also when I start the car with cold engine it starts fine but after 15-20sec the idling starts to go lower on rpms until the engine stops. If you hold the throttle for 2-3min the engine gets warm enought and it will idle a bit low but enought to keep the motor running. So I´m thinking my problem is a retarded ignition (correct me if I´m wrong).

I see my crank angle sensor is set to the max on the right (I show you in the photo) I have try playing a bit with it to see if idling in cold gets better but turns out that I need to turn it more to the right to get better idling (but I cant because is already on the max it can go) I have check the timing belt marks to see if it maybe have jump some teeth, timing belt looks good and all marks line up.

Here some more info about the car:

CA18DET engine making 270hp at the wheels on 98

Haltech elite ECU

1000cc inyectors

top mount manyfold

external wastegate

tomei cams and gears (i dont know what type)

Sorry if explanations arent the best but it goes with my English, if anyone can give me some light I would really appreciate!

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Have you checked the timing with a timing light? It sounds like the base timing is out.

Yes, I have check the timing with a timing light and as you say is out. Instead of the 15º that it should have I´m reading 25º. But if I turn the CAS to advance the timing to 15º the engine start having really bad idling.

I have unknown tomei cams, I dont know how that would affect timing.

Any idea where the problem can come from?

Check the timing belt, it might have accidentally jumped a tooth, or the tension of the belt isn’t good enough, that happened on my s13 when I bought it.


I will recommend counting all teeth as the manual said, please see the image. Also after that is done put the cas in the middle position and with the timing light adjust it at 15 degrees.

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