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Hey team

Names Karl Mitchell from New Zealand and for the past 5 years have been chipping away at a dream build I've had since I first whiteness drifting at D1NZ at pukekohe right back in the 1st days of drifting for New Zealand.

But before D1NZ my love for Nissans was strong off the bat. My first car been a R32 GTS4 coupe I loved the R32 Skyline shape but there was one Nissan that I favored the most the Nissan S13 Silvia.

Before purchasing my S13 I'd been through 2x R32s, 4x C33s, 1x R33 and a hand full of old Toyotas (Ke25, DX corollas and KP starlet)

The S13 was something I wanted to build right from scratch my self. So I waited to I was finally ready (mechanically and some what financialy) and here I am about to start the long process of writing how it started and where it's at now.


So back in 2014/15 I was about to purchase my first home. Nice place with a decent garage (I mean this is a build blog yeah) and had my 1996 Nissan R33 Gts25t track/street car in there so life was pretty good. With houses beening the price they are I new selling the Skyline would help financially and as it was a car I used to get into drifting I felt I had mastered the chassis and it was not the car I wanted to build for D1NZ.

As the day came to hand over the house I had been hunting for a new project, I mean I couldn't have a garage with no project in there now haha. And I remembered a friend had a S13 he was building for competition drifting. He had moved to Auckland and work on it had seized for a few years so I thought I'll give it a shoot. With a firm "na bro" I left him with a "well if you ever do let me know".

So D day was here to purchase this house and the land lord decided they wanted to put it up an extra 50k on the agreed price, and been a single parent I had to say no and not happy with them doing so I packed my things layed a huge garage skid in the skyline and tearing up the front lawn in my RN60 hilux and moved back to my mother's.

Now a little lost and bummed since the skyline was sold I went back on a project hunt. With nothing really catching my eyes I messaged my mate again about the S13....only this time I had success. He was starting up a new business and decided to sell it to me! Now the smile was coming back to my face.

The car was at his mum's in Tauranga so I grabbed a car trailer and set out to pick up the car of my dreams...

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Hi i have left a comment on your part 2

regards Ross

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