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Now on route to pick up my new project I was hanging to get into it. My favorite part beening......it had a f**king sun roof haha. Building your dream car isn't about what are the koolist wheels out or putting parts on the are the in trends but collecting ideas you like trying them/change them/mix them up till you like what you see not like what others see, my point her is there a certain things you can't just add or buy (to an extent) and that's where the sunroof was one of those things I said "when I get an s13 it MUST have a sunroof".

With the majority of S13 Silvia's been written off or turned into drift cars (and then written of lol) the numbers where getting silm and experience. With no goal of having this project "street legal" the sky was the limit to what I could do with in D1NZ regulations to what it was going to be built around.

I was lucky enuff to be helping my mate with the build even before I purchased is. Giving him advise on parts and things to be done to make it comply with drifting rules in NZ and be somewhat competitive he used nothing but the best parts including the full PARTS SHOP MAX suspension catalog, 18x10 Work XD9 and a full Origin Labo Racing line kit and at the time it was only Ben Jenkins in D1 (who also helped with this build thanks bro!) And I think C's Garage so it was snot a well sort after kit but I'd always loved them even when everyone thought they where "gay".

The Silvia it self had the roof cut off for 6 point roll cage done by good friend Christo Cox of Fazy Luck and the kit hadn't been fitted,arms where installed wrong just to move around so there was alottttt of work to be done.

When I got it home it was time to assess what I NEEDED what I'd LIKE and WHERE TO START. So 1st up was 5 stud rear hub (was rolling on bikkies on the back) and front coil over springs since the front PART SHOP MAX coil overs springs where sold.

So now with the 5 stud on the rear and springs in the front it was time to set the suspension up to where I wanted and fit the Origin Labo kit. One thing I love is super low cars, my little drift page/facebook page is "Sit-lo Inc" and all my cars have just been cool over slammed and drove hard. But my biggest attraction to drifting was suspension set up. A world in which I loved getting lost in what people where doing for lock, drop knuckles, chassis mods you name it. But with having your car ultra low you greatly compromise drivability.

With having the full PARTS SHOP MAX catalog in the S13 I was amazed and wowed by the workmanship and R&D that had gone into it. Originally I wanted to go with GKTECH and they are a great company I've followed from day one and used lots of there parts on my skyline I thought I'd give the PARTS SHOP MAX stuff a go.

With car slammed on Work wheels, Origin Labo kit it was time to decide on the power plant of this to be drift weapon. Been a born RB man my hole life I started by thinking big....rb30det big. I've owned rb20dets,rb25dets driving worked/stock/tuned rbs from gtrs, street cars the lot. An engin ei new inside and out rebuilding my own engines thanks to the help and support of the local engine rebuild shops sharing there trade secrets to a home town skid rats like me. The biggest thanks going to a man named John Bryant who was a family friend who's song I went to school with letting me not only rebuild it in his shop but give me the time of day to learn PROPERLY how to rebuild engine, how tragically past away not long after retirement so if the have wifi where ever you are and reading this old boy thank you and rest in peace mate.

So with the rb30det been the heart of the Silvia I went on to price up parts/head options/turbo and ecu and you do and thought I'd always wanted a high reving turbo rb. My dream build was an RB28DET but I just wanted to get back on the track but learned if you wanna do a dream build you have to go through multiple options and combinations to find what works for you and the car, and that most definitely does not happen over night.

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Hi karl love your enthusiasm but please don't start new treads just add to your existing thread please

keep up the good work and have a great xmas

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