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s14.5 RB25 drift car (ireland)

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hey everyone,

I'm open to all criticism, I got an s14 that had an rb25 in it, the car had been built with many years and parked up and was very dated, I had 3 days out in it and experienced a catastrophic engine failure which we diagnosed as a map issue ( detonation and running too rich) so I over hauled the RB.. I'm a mechanic in an Audi dealer but this was my first proper big power build, I made a few beginner mistakes , I really should have done the course on here first, but I made a pretty ok job of it, iv 4 days out done in the car running 480bhp (on standard manifold EXH), finances were a big issue at the time so I had to skimp on the exhaust manifold and I welded the WG into the turbo housing which I didn't want to do but I had to, I since bought a 6 boost but ill fit off season, I have 1 more round left so that upgrade will be fun.. while I had the engine out I cut off the old tub front and did the framing myself..


- RB25det s1 block bored to 87mm & decked block

- CP pistons 9:0 CR

- recon GTR con rods

- crank with super forma oil pump collar drive

- ACL race series bottom end bearings

- cosworth head gasket

- ARP head stud kit

- HKS 264 cams

- piper cam valve springs

- skimmed head

- greddy inlet manifold

- 550CC deutschwerk injectors

- MMP x7362r turbo with ,74 housing and 44mm WG welded to housing

- splitfire coils and bcr8es plugs

- N1 oil pump and N1 water pump

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Nice one Shane! She looks pretty good to me. As a learning exercise, can you tell me what beginner mistakes there are?

Thanks for sharing the build, hope to see some more updates and dyno graphs :)

Thanks Matt.. Mistake #1 being that after I had head on and timed it I cranked by hand, oil pressure getting to head , had to take all off again to discover while the block was stripped 2 out of 3 of the oem head oil restructure were after rusting / siezing closed so had to remove them and fit non one way valve oil feed restrictors 2 of them I got made with 1.25mm hole each .. Second was initially I never upgraded valve springs, the oem ones were floating (luckily valves never met Pistons) but on / off throttle I was losing compression, after that I fitted the piper ones , I did so with the head installed I made a tool kit from scrap steel here and filled cylinder with rope so the bake wouldn't drop .. Here is the pic of the dyno run with the valves bouncing

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who mapped ur car seems too sound like its rightly done

Hmmmm, that thing loves the limmy :-).

Sorry about the late replies guys ..

joe power of TDR performance here in Ireland, currently working out of stone Motorsport, it's on home mixed e50 fuel, driving like a dream ..

It it does like limiter

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