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S2000 - EFR 7064 Twin Scroll / IWG / Pfab Top Mount / V-Mount build

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After 3 or 4 years of tracking the car in NA form, I decided I wanted more power out of my track car, especially after moving back to high altitude (5,500 - 8,000 ft ASL). A couple months ago, I started researching builds and what was available in making as much as I can a bolt-on setup for me and really didn't find anything that suited my needs. This caused me to message one of the local S2000 fabricators. After a good bit of messaging back and forth, I met up with him last month and dropped off my turbo with him to build me a custom manifold and downpipe. After a little bit of wait time due to being further down on the list of already committed projects, the fabricator started sending me pictures as the manifold progressed and fast-forward to now, I have the manifold and downpipe. With my requirements of using all the built-in stuff on the EFR, as well as working with a turbo with physically large dimensions, he put in the work to figure it all out and build a beautiful piece.

That said, more on the car... It's been a typical NA track car, (TTB, but probably could be TTC) with standard intake, head, exhaust plus suspension and brakes... also has been on E85 for 3+ years with OEM STi injectors and and AEM EMS v2, but on E85 previously using STi injectors and a 155 lph pump in a surge tank (stock everything else). I already have some other needed items like the ECU, WBO2, etc. This is a winter project with no deadline since I have a lot of stuff on my plate due to recently moving and buying a house that needs things worked out (like the garage space being setup for my usage... And a heater!).

Things currently on the build list:

- EFR 7064, .92 Twin Scroll w/Turbo Smart 2-port actuator

- Pfab Twin Scroll, IWG turbo manifold + 3" downpipe

- ID1300's

- SoS Surge tank that I now need to swap a 320 lph pump into.

- Ordered and SoS V-mount

- bunch of misc shit that'll have me waiting on parts and frustrate me during the build. :)

I told my wife that this is what she got me for Christmas. :)

As noted, I have some work to do in the new garage before I can even get started tearing the car apart.

Being mocked up and welded.

I also asked for the flange to have some additional bracing.

And now I get to start playing with it all. This manifold is stout... Almost kills me to add this much weight to the car with the manifold and turbo, but should be fun!

More parts porn...

Here are some track videos and pictures from the current/previous setup:




That manifold is beautiful a real work of art!! Good luck with ur build pal!!!

I agree! Hope it performs well.

I have my V-mount setup ready to install, just need to get to it!

Apparently I work too much, so this project has gone slow. The lack of track time is what kills me about that most, but that's life. Anyway, I did fire it up over the weekend as I wanted to make the car mobile so I could pull it out of the garage. I found that I need to redo one of my oil cooler hose fittings as it leaks and my wideband decided to quit on me... Other than that, it fired right up and idled nicely.

The exhaust is temporary as my downpipe didn't quite fit. The hood will come off to move and take to the fabricator as well as so I can cut for venting.

The oil cooler is quite large. :)

And running...


My time has been extremely limited this year, so progress has been slow. I did, however, fire up the car. I ended up having a leak on one of my oil cooler fittings, but fixed it by cutting and replacing the end. I ended up selling my ID1300's to a friend and tuning customer of mine, that was more in need of them than me, and then purchased some ID1050x's. Otherwise, the car fired right up and shortly after, my wideband sensor died. :)

The exhaust is temporary and so is the fuse box placement.

ID1300 vs ID1050x


Wow... It's been awhile. Apparently, I work too much.

About a month ago, I towed the car to a friends house to get the rest of the fab work done, since my previous fabricator just quit doing fab work, even after saying he'd still finish my work (PFAB was the previous buy).

I hope to have it back soon so I can get it on the dyno. He is a 4x4 guy and found out that a low car is a little more difficult to get off the ground in his garage.

With any luck, I'll have it on the dyno the same day as this car. I tuned it yesterday, but want to get it on the dyno for finalizing as it's on E85.

Awesome thread! Thanks for putting in the effort to keep us up to date.

Thanks... Currently, I just await for my fabricator friend to finish up the car. He's like me with my tuning... It's on the side, when time allows.

That said, I did get the Taurus SHO on the dyno this past weekend.


Been awhile since I have updated... Mostly because of lack of time and working on other projects. I have started working on the car again as I don't want to miss another track season. I recently installed the wing, and put it up in the air to relocate the fuse box and EPS module. I got that all mounted last night, so I will route wire this weekend and get it back together.

I had the downpipe SwainTech coated as it runs so close to other parts. I will also coat it in a spray ceramic as it seems to have helped the SwainTech hold up on my last header.

And a few more parts to finish up the cooling... (yes, I have a nice splitter to put on as well)

The wife also got me a pretty good gift for my bday this year. :)

Awesome build :)

Cool car, nicely put together.

Quarantine has given me time to get a lot of things done!

I put the car back together, added a few things, then got it on the dyno.

I ran out of WGDC with the EFR 3-port and a TurboSmart 2 port actuator (I just ordered a 4-port). This is 10 PSI, tapering to 8ish up top, with 100% WGDC up top:

This is what I settled on for my track tune, at 8 PSI. I am on the stock MAP sensor and planned to run 8 PSI anyway.

We had a stock AP1 on the dyno that day and did a comparison:

Also laid it over what my STi put down last year (EFR 6758)

Vents aren't installed as I am about to wrap the car.

Put in a new steering wheel to give more clearance for the AEM CD-5 I am installing (already wired up... ish).


Also put in a new passenger seat, which was previously low on my list.

Next up is a clutch as I am sure the OEM won't last long, and get the damage to the rear fixed. :) I'll have some dyno video e-mailed to me tomorrow.

Got some video sent to me of a couple of my pulls on the dyno and there should be another tomorrow.


Awesome build! You on the FB Track group? One or two of your pictures look familiar to me.

Looking like a nice little weapon, and that manifold id fire!

But how did you embed the pictures - I think you're the only person I recall being able to do that - everyone else, me included, has had to use links to open them separately? Oh, wait, I think it's "doh" as I don't think I used the insert link option?

@Michael Taylor - I probably was on that page... I believe Christy Carlson added me. I took myself off a lot of pages years ago, so I am probably not on it anymore.

@Gord - To embed pictures, you'll use the old (img)(/img) tags (replace "(" with "[" and ")" with "]".

Pretty sure I used them, thanks, as they're the usual method, also the full "image" as I've found that to be required on the odd forum - but maybe just having a 'senior' moment :-(

Got the car out to a NASA event at High Plains Raceway (near Denver, Colorado) this weekend. I ran HPDE 4 as I knew I'd be rusty... And I was. This was the first time I had the car out on the track in 4.5 years, so I had to get back into the groove.... I definitely did not pickup where I left off. I ran wastegate spring for this event, which was between 4.5-5 PSI. I was on 4.5 year old RE71R's and it was about 88F and 5k ft above sea level. I also needed to bleed the brakes, as It's been nearly 5 years... But they worked fine, just a touch squishy.

I was worried about heat in the turbo area, so I did as much shielding as I could and picked up a fire extinguisher. The only issues I had where that I had a radiator vent hose come loose, which didn't happen on track, and my V-band clamp loosen up on the turbo to downpipe. The first time I went out, open lapping on Friday, I saw my OEM temp gauge start moving up several bars, making me nervous, so I backed off and did some easier laps. Once off track, I pulled the log off the ECU and it showed a max coolant temp of 201. Knowing that AEM internal logging is hit or miss, I strapped my laptop in the passenger seat for the first session on Saturday, which is what I am looking at in the video. The data matched what I had seen with the internal log, so I didn't pay much attention to the OEM gauge.

My max temps all weekend were:

Coolant - 203F

Oil - 235F

Air temp on track - 105F

Data from the back straight:

First session on Saturday, checking my laptop for true coolant temps: Again, very rusty and this was the first time out with the turbo and aero.


I also had a customer S2000 out, who placed 1st in TT1 and got the lap record!

Some video from me being rusty.


Looking to get some more track time in here soon as I need the seat time again. Once I get fast again at this anemic boost level, I'll add another 100hp :).

Looks like a whole lot of fun.

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