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Sr20det cam degree issue

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I have sr20det redtop. I have a set of adjustable cam gears, degree kit from JEGS, and have degreed the intake cam fine. The exhaust cam however is not lining up. According to the cam card for the BC stage 3 cams it should open at 53 degrees BBDC, when I adjust it to that it hits the piston, but when I set it to approximate area it supposed to be in visually, it opens at 53 degrees ABDC....this is the first time degreeing cams on the stage 3 set from Brian Crower, and not sure wtf is going on. Any suggestions would be most help full.

That isn't a cam profile I've used before, however the exhaust cam should definitely open before bottom dead centre, not after. I'd be suspicious of your TDC position first and foremost so I'd suggest rechecking that. There is also a convenient diagram I've linked to that allows you to check the cam wheel position by counting teeth at TDC to make sure you have the cams in the right base position. https://www.sr20forum.com/gallery/data/500/CamPulley_resize.JPG

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