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VQ35DE (2004 G35 6MT) Street & Track

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Hello everyone!

I just got done building to be a VQ35DE high-compression (11:1) forged Weisco pistons, forged eagle rods, balanced the rotating assembly, the whole 9-yds! It will be a naturally aspirated high revving engine with bigger cams (JWT C8 in and RZ2 ex) did I mention the forged internals lol.

The engine is finally back in the car and runs!! But it doesn't like to do much other than idle ....

So, I am using UpRev to tune. Now it will start cold and idle calmly up all day once but it dies as soon as I blip the throttle (right after the rpm comes back down) Also, when it is warm, it doesn't like to restart. *Disclaimer: I already changed the break in oil out of it and when I rev it it only goes up to 2k - 3k rpm

So far I upped the idle targets to about 1k rpm (was 650 rpm when warm) which helps but

I'm trying to learn what changes I should be looking to make next to keep progressing in the tune?


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Did you ever resolve this?

Asking because this is really common among cars that have an extra large intake tube and the stock MAF curve

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