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Hey Guys,

I am looking to purchase a dyno for my shop. What's the best dyno to buy? I'm looking to purchased a used one. Thank you!

I'm also looking to purchase a used dyno. Hope to see some good suggestions from the veterans on here.

Don't have a specific recommendation, or pointer to one for sale, but none of you guys have said what type you're looking for - chassis (hub or wheel driven) or engine and whether inertia, water brake or electric (eddy current, IIRC).

What you could do is check your countries' dealers for the various types to see if they have any trade-ins, your trade/motorsport magazines back pages/adverts, etc. But BEFORE making an offer/purchase, find out as much as you can about the dyno' under consideration, it's service history, service hours, etc - things are sold for a reason, don't end up buying a worn out machine as it can be much more expensive in the long run as repairs are required and down-time cuts into it's earning hours.

Hi guys,

Making the assumption that your membership here means that you are looking to do some tuning yourself, I would STRONGLY recomendthat you only look at dynos capable of applying load. Cheap Inertia dynos are useless for steady state tuning.

I have been using Dyno Dynamics for many years with no complaints.

Oh, may also be worth contacting the service/support for the dyno's you have narrowed it down to - see what they have to say about possible problems to check for, parts availability, etc, for the model you have in mind.

Three main reasons - you can find out if they are actively supporting their products (ie, if you get no response it is a bad sign), things to watch for and possibly the repair costs, and even whether they still support that model.

Remember, they are selling it for a reason - might be a good one, might be passing on a problem.

I would recommend finding a shop that has a dyno you can lease by the hour first depending on how many cars you tune. It might be more cost effective than purchasing.

Hey thought I'd post since I saw a couple people looking for a Dyno. I have a 2WD Dynapack Chassis Hub Dyno in storage that I've been wanting to sell. It's a load bearing Dyno and can be upgraded to 4wd. I'm located in North California and can ship freight. Sorry if I'm jacking your thread, but I figured if you're looking you might be interested in mine.

Richard -- Please give me a call or email -- David Ferguson, Paso Robles, CA 805.238.1699, ferg@veracitydata.com

I was in your position a few years ago. I bought one, its been one of the worst business decisions I have ever made. Its fun and handy to have around though. Talk to a lot of dyno owners, most will be honest with you about what they like and what they don't like. The advice to stay away from inertia dyno's is good but also be very careful of purchasing an eddy brake dyno based on price too. I paid more for my used Dyno Dynamics dyno than I could have purchased another Texas made dyno for new. I can share the horror stories that owners of that brand repeated to me off line, or you don't have to look very far to hear them yourself. Not to say all has been perfect with Dyno Dynamics, but I would give them a solid 80% on most of the issues that have popped up. That also leads me to a warning, sometimes used dyno's are just not worth the problems trade in or not. Rollers wear out and you cant get traction, other things happen. My roller was like new and very low hours, but the dyno had electrical gremlins that showed up after purchase and there were a few other issues I think were there long before my purchase. Its all sorted now, but the few months of unexpected quirks hurt the reputation of a business just starting out badly. Everyone thinks they are going to make huge money owning a dyno, and your customers think that you should be charging much less than you have to. That's where talking to people that own one will help you realize its more likely a money loss each year especially once liability insurance and other costs are factored in.

Hi Richard,

My Name is Oscar Velez I am in Down here in PR can you PM me details on Dyno and how much you are asking. Here is my e mail



I have a DynoDynamics 450DS for sale. Located in the UK but if required im sure shipping could be arranged..!

Thanks! Well it sounds good dyno for... me but to Far for ship to PR. :(

For the money a used Dynotech or DD unit is probably your best bet.

Hi Rob,

I might be interested in your 450DS you can contact me at loic.gautheur@gmail.com

I am located in southern France.

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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