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TFX Engine Technology - Engine Pressure Analyzer

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Hello Everyone. I'm Selling a TFX Analyzer unit in perfect condition never used.

It's a super high speed 8-channel logger that logs data from a pressure sensor located in a specially modified spark plug to give you realtime and logged combustion pressure data. For seeing exactly what's actually going on inside your chamber, to allow you to optimize A/F ratio and timing curves to a far greater degree of accuracy than any other tuning method. You can find all the info at the tfx website.

TFX Engine Technology - Engine Pressure Analyzers

I have the 8 channel logger, with one of their high pressure combustion pressure sensors, as well as hardware and software options to use any factory crank sensor signal in place of the high speed add-on crank sensor.

I paid 6,690€

I want 4,500€ for it. TFX will support and warranty it, but they will require the new owner to pay a one-time licensing and tech support fee of 850€, so you could own this 6,690€ setup, never used, for 5,350€

The logger I have is intended to be used as a dyno based system, but can be used in-car as well. I only have one instrumented spark plug for it (16mm socket 8 heat range Spark plug), because they are 1,395€ each but the logger will support up to 8 of them for individual cylinder tuning all at the same time.

I can ship it Worldwide, I'm based in FRANCE, the prices are Without VAT of course.