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Ouch, Mr Banks lets rip...

Diesel Tuning Fundamentals

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Too good not to share, the godfather commenting on a cowboy build - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjumzxI-Kko&lc=UgxjOHx9s3IBJYU2fWN4AaABAg.98KyHvba27398MrBWJx84f

Well can we put this thing a bit more in perspective maybe??

The number on sales spam coming form tuning companies increased a lot so could it be there sales numbers are down or do they think to get more money of us as some of us sit a home due to the virus?? On the subject how to be creative on getting more sales could this one be one of them???

On the project compare on the Youtube. Space to fit things are limited so take that in mind as for fitting stuff like coolers and so on and yes load of things for improvement but what about Banks??? As an engineering you do know a lot but not all so is it fair to say Bank BS with a twist for there sales benefit?? For those that know a bit less on calculating stuff often going in to correct direction makes you feel confident as for what is told is fact so you will bay it but often it’s fact with the correct commercial twist often ending up with happy horsepower numbers or parts you really do not need as you can do the same with the original parts that will fit your engine as well but no benefit for there sales as you can bay them every where for a lot less maybe.

Do we not often think bolting on a load of tuning parts will do the perfect job? Or can you do the same with the original parts with some minor cleaver changes. That’s is if you know how to do it. Well take this in mind and next time looking @ one of there commercial stuff try to find out what the commercial twist is. Fake it until you make it. But that’s sales engineering stuff. Sales and good emotion often go well together as for I really want this.

After all that, did you watch it, or the original video he was commenting on, or the other leading up to that?

Mr Banks has no reason to hussle for sales, he is doing very nicely for himself - you should be familiar with his work, but those others...

Maybe it my background being an engineer involved in loads of stuff over time. First thing I was told do not go into politicks and do not use others to prove your can do better but try to be better if you can. Being on the for front of some development stuff you start looking a bit different to so called upgrades and the reverse economical benefit fitting banks part to stock engines making them to expensive for normal use. Engine manufactures are not stupid and know very well what to leave out on very good parts for performance use only and Banks know very well how to utilize on these parts so often it’s the untold story on parts development and how it was done that makes the commercial benefit for those selling the parts and often it’s a give and take on sharing information between OE and companies that participate on sales and development.

In general I think there is way to many out there just commenting on others with names and all. What is the real benefit for them doing this?? Again try to be better without bringing others down.

I watched this video and was actually disappointed in Gale's response to his so called "friends" in the industry. First off Gale has been in business for many years, over those many years he's been lucky enough to work with big companies like GM and has gotten big government contracts which actually kept his business going in tough times. Both of which lead him to become better by setting very high standards forcing him to hire smart people and buy good equipment. But like Ruud Visser said, don't get into the politics of this. Instead look at it from a strictly factual perspective. That car is lacking room for alot of Gale's wanted or "needed" improvements. So he couldn't do what he wanted without my next point. They are on a tight timeline to get it completed, again this doesn't get years of R&D and testing to perfect it like gale or anyone would need to do. Go look at his killing a duramax videos, that engine is for a monster truck and in the time gale put a supercharger on it and did some testing, these guys built an entire working engine and turbo kit in a camaro. Thirdly Gale said "you'll melt the compressor on the second turbo without having an intercooler between them", well go ask every cummins owner with a compound system on it for years now how they've been doing it for so long without melting their compressors. Finally Gale is avoiding the truth that running richer than 18.0 AFR will actually result in more power all while smoking some. He hates smoke because it's "wasted energy", which i agree with but you will make more power with a richer AFR but have a harder time controlling EGT's. So to conclude, I've shown It's very easy to talk down on someone, and it doesn't do much good. We should be constructive instead of negative.

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