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Reflashing A diesel Toyota ECU

Diesel Tuning Fundamentals

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good day. is there a software package for reflashing a toyota ECU diesel or petrol?

hello sorry i am not a diesel tuner but a quick google showed a few options i was hoping someone would help here too

toyota reflashing equipment

Regards Ross

Yeah you have a few options. I personally use PCMflash and bitbox for virtual reading (its a thing with Toyota, you'll work it out in due course) and writing. Both these are a cheap entry into tuning if only doing a small number of cars. Toyota lexus flasher or vf2 flasher are supposed to work OK but I've not tried them personally.

For map editing, I use bitedit and ECM titanium. Again, bit edit is very reasonably priced, and gives you access to DTCs to disable them. ECM titanium is much more expensive and no DTC lists.

If you have a shop or looking to do a large number of cars, you could buy a Kess for reading/writing and ECM titanium for editing, for about $8k AUD. Expensive tool and software, but both super reliable, good support and just nicer to use.

Hope that helps.

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