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A/C Compressor - Mechanical to electrical

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I would like to know what steps need to be taken for converting stock A/C compressor driven by engine crankshaft to a high voltage battery driven electric compressor? Assuming the HV battery is available.

Best place to look for suggestions, possible solutions, and parts list might be the electric conversion forums, sites and specialists - for example, https://www.diyelectriccar.com/threads/electric-air-conditioning-compressors.202313/

Most seem to be 'high' voltage motors, but you may find a 12V solution on one of them. I would expect the pump to be quite a high current draw, for the power required, so you may be well advised to significantly upgrade the alternator - not so much for peak output but for higher current potential at idle and low rpm, where the OEM may be overwhelmed.

Don't forget the entire charge side will need much heavier wiring to meet the higher currents, including all the earth/ground side.

Hi Gord,

Thank you for the response. I will review the link you have provided.

In addition to the updates on electrical hardware do you see a need to modify OEM Engine Controller? I know it is a black box but since mechanical compressor is driven by engine will it be necessary to update calibration to delete compressor in controller so it does not account for compressor load and set DTC? What could be possible shortcoming of not updating OEM Engine controller? Note : The vehicle I am inquiring about still has engine and operates an on board generator.

Best Regards


Not something I can really comment on, maybe those with more experience?

However, it is a good point. The potential additional alternator load when the A/C is turned on could have a big affect on idle speed unless the OEM has an idle speed control built into it, which would compensate by opening the throttle or air bypass valve slightly - fortunately most modern vehicles have such systems.

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