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CAN Compatibility for a 1966 Mustang running on a carb

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I'm building a race car for a friend to race in historics in the UK. We have to run the car on a carb but i wanted to run an up to date dash instead of lots of different gauges around the cockpit and multiple switches. My thoughts were to run an AEM CD7 dash with their 22 channel CAN sensor module, that I believe is the straight forward bit. What I also want to do is use a PDU for outputting for the lights, fuel pumps, rad fan, water pump, lights, wiper, indicators (i have worked out 10 outputs I will need depending on current draw for each item), a key pad for turning on various things and then also some steering wheel buttons for the essential stuff when racing.

The question I have is does any one know if I can mix and match the AEM CD7 dash and CAN sensor adapter with an ECU master PDM 16 and another manufacturers key pad and then the thought was the ECU master CAN switch board for switches on the steering wheel as I have seen done on here. All this linked up on CAN so that if say the water temp rises to 95*C the PDU will see that and turn the rad fan on, and also if the oil pressure drops below a set value a warning will come up and then after a time limit it can shut the engine down.

Thanks in advance


AEM and Ecumaster have open programmable CAN, so yes this is possible. You will need to commit some time to making this work, especially if you aren't familiar with CAN.

Not sure how many input channels you need but the PMU 16 has 16 inputs, they can be analog, digital on/off etc. Only ones that wouldn't work would be tach and vehicle rpm but the AEM 6 channel I/O would have you covered there

A couple of other points - you will still be able to monitor, and log, the lambdas, "knock", the throttle opening, intake temp's, manifold pressures, the rpm, and much more which may be useful for carb' and ignition tuning.

Depending on the wording of the rules, you may also be able to partially convert to electronic engine management, running the ignition off an ECU, with the potential benefits that may bring.

Thanks for the help with that. That’s good to know that both AEM and ECU master are open protocol with their CAN. I know some are and some aren’t but wasn’t sure which.

i didn’t think it would be easy but hopefully i can glean information from people if/when I get stuck.

Yeah I will make sure that it logs everything as well, unfortunately it states in the rules that we have to use the original for of ignition as found on the car in period but you can swap to electronic ignition from points. I have found that 123Tune do a good ignition system and it is a very basic programmable system. It can be setup in 1D so just advances against rpm or you can have a vacuum input to compensate as well.

thanks again.

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