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Corner weight scale recommendations

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I am really loving the courses, knowledge and the technical support is amazing from a HP family

I want to buy a corner weight scale kit, I can’t make my decision to one brand there are several brands out there to choose.

Has anyone has experience with the corner weight scale, any help for recommendations appreciated.

Hey Mesut

Nice work mate, corner weighting is a vital step in racecar setup so it'll be a good investment. Just so you know, we will be releasing a corner weighting course at the end of March which should be able to help you out if there is something you get stuck with.

At our workshop we use the Intercomp SW650 scales, which I can't fault to be honest. Fully wireless system makes it very easy to get setup and also means that if you're weighing the car yourself, and you're the driver, that you can sit in the drivers seat and still see the display. I think they are fairly pricey though $1800 NZD. I don't think you can go wrong with Intercomp kit though. They are one of the market leaders for scales.


No specific recommendation, but before making the purchase, there are some things to consider, such as...

Is a basic cable type OK or do you want wireless/bluetooth, do you want a memory to store the data/storage media for transferring data, do you want it to work with your 'phone as some use that as the interface rather than a discrete display?

Budget - of course is always a factor - are you going to be able to rent them out/charge clients to offset the costs? As you're in the UK, how often do they turn up in the trade papers' for-sale sections - there may be perfectly good ones being on-sold as folks upgrade theirs?

Hello Matt

Thanks for the reply, intercomp mainly i see here in UK people are using more often.

Wireless would be my choice, i did talk to guys from intercomp at the Autosport NEC Show they mantion about something 4 load sensors rather then one load sensor on high-end intercomp kit

Kind Regards


Hi Gordon

Thank you for your input, budget is not a issue i can go up to £5K on the corner weight scale, i just try to find out what other people are using and which brand is offer better options.

Kind Regards


Any new updates on the projected release of the corner balancing course?

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