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disapointed with gold membership

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I was disapointed to pay for gold membership only to find this was a mounthly charge and no benefits except a few tech articles and access to a forum?

this is not like hp academy

Hi Nick, at this point in time we've only just launched Racecraft and as you'd be aware we have one course online. We purposely haven't tried to push the Gold Membership for the very reason you state - Right now it's of limited value. Since the website is identical to HPA,. the Gold Membership is still available to purchase and it seems you've managed to get around our defences here and sneak into a purchase we aren't really trying to offer. If it's any consolation this is exactly how HPA started and you can see the value that we offer on that platform now. It's going to take time for Racecraft to get to the same point but next year is going to see a lot of development on RC and I believe you'll be happy.

For now I'll get Taz to get in touch with you and sort everything out with you shortly. Apologies for the confusion.

Hey Nick,

I've given you a refund and fired you an email with a few more details. Hope that helps =)

Cheers, Taz.

Great look forward to seeing it develop

Quick follow up. Since I obtained a gold membership with the course, will it be left on indefinitely (say till next year, etc?). I'd still like access to the forums as I work through things this summer, but at ~$25/mth it's beyond value. Thanks!

Yes I'm happy to do that for you Leif and anyone else interested. As always the goal is to deliver value. Email me via support@racecrafthq.com (sorry about making to do that but it's just easier to make sure I don't miss anything) and I'll get you sorted.

Behind the scenes, at the moment we are working hard on the next courses, but the webinars have taken a bit longer to get on the boil than we had hoped. As above though, we will look after you guys.

Awesome thanks so much! +1

Ok guys while we are being honest I also am disappointed. After watching your free webinar on wheel alignments I joined up. I have run cars for a mate at the pointy end in the Australian Saloon cars series and the Australian 86 series, so I'm not a newbie and to be honest learnt nothing from the webinar but it was the 12 months access to the other resources why I joined up.

Special price was great

Payment options great

Webinar was put together well and would have been great for a beginner

Flexibility to watch or read whenever I wanted was great

Availability of content AT THE MOMENT ix very poor. Basically the forum... which to be fair has a few interesting topics

I didn't realise it has JUST started.. I'm sure it will turn into something great over time and good luck with it.

I'm not asking for anything cos after all i can opt out... just being honest !

Sorry to hear you're feeling like you're not getting value from our material at the moment. We are still working hard to produce new courses which will continue to add more value to our community. As you say though, we offer a full money-back guarantee, so we're happy to refund you if you're not satisfied with what you're purchased.

In saying that, I hope you hang around as there's much more coming 🙌

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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