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Hello Everybody

Does anybody on here wanna share any of their good ideas they have and run on their fwd track cars?

I'm driving a '91 Opel Kadett GSi 3.2 V6 with a Rotrex supercharger.

Suspension: KW V1 (Fairly old by now) - Powerflex Black series bushings all around - adjustable top mounts

Wheels: Tracklite 8x15 - 225/45-15 Federal 595 rs-rr

Brakes: Std size EBC Discs and EBC Yellowstuff pads front/rear - Compbrake Brake bias servo delete

Transmission: F18w with quaife LSD

It has a full welded cage.

I would like to improve on this setup and like to know what other peoples fwd setups are.

What would be the things you would change/improve/add to this to go faster. Would it make sense to try and balance the weight better (move stuff to the back)? Is there anyone on here that drive Kadett/astra but with different suspension and if so what? In general tips and tricks to go fast in an fwd.

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By track car do you mean drag or circuit racing?

It's obviously, from what (s)he said, it's a circuit track car.

Mas, hard to say, but moving some mass to the rear, more to the right, should balance the car a bit better, but it's nose-heavy and will always tend to over-work the front tyres.

Don't forget to have a good look/think about how you're driving the car, too - some times one can introduce problems rather than reduce them because of things like apex's too early, braking imbalance or braking too early/late, etc.

Are those scale values with the anti-roll bars disconnected? If they are connected, to you have adjustable drop links so that you can make sure there is no pre-load on them? Assuming that good, then I agree anything you can do to move weight to the right rear would be good.

Have you tried using a tyre pyrometer to determine the best camber / tire pressure?

How is the cars brake balance? Is it stable under braking? What about trail braking? Does that tend to make the car understeer or oversteer?

What is your biggest problem area on track? Acceleration traction? Braking traction? Corner Entry, Middle, or Exit?

Can you tell where your car is weaker than other cars in your class? What do you think would improve your lap time?

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