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Hi All!

Anyone have experience with Aeroflow Race Series intercoolers?

The price is certainly good, can pick one up (600x300x100) for around $600 when on sale!

Understanding the likes of Plasmaman will be better, the race series with them is $2k, for something that has no moving parts and about $20 of aluminium in it, I feel this is a lot of money so looking at options.

Bit late, but the question is - what are you using it for?

If it's a mild street build with a moderate increase on boost, and resultant heat increase to dissipate, a cheap aftermarket one may be adequate - provided it isn't one of those that doesn't even have internal fins.

However, when you're pushing things, a premium charge cooler becomes essential to lower charge temperatures as far as practical.

The other consideration, often overlooked, is the pressure drop across the cooler, as this can be significant where poor designs are used.

I've not heard of that company and use Garrett cores. Sorry!

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