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Hello good day just wanted to ask i have two(2) almost identical jdm engine to modify a 4efe and a 4efte both are in a starlet chassis i have the build for the 4efte already but the n/a 4efe i am having some problems getting the full potential out of it we managed to make 111hp atw in fully stock unopened form any pointers as to where i would start on also my goal for the n/a is atleast 150hp atw it is my everyday beater thank you

Hi there,

If you are leaving the 4efe na best options in terms of power would be bigger cams for more high end power but compromize a bit in idling( depends on overlap) intake and exhaust upgrades( including manifolds) to make the most out of the cams and possibly if the injectors cant handle the volume, try not to exceed 90 duty cycle, to change them. A lighter flywheel will free up some hp too! Lastly if it allows decat would make big difference but it affects emissions.

All the best,


It's a difficult question to answer without knowing what budget you're prepared to put into the project. The normal recipe for N/A performance is more compression (probably 11.5-12.5:1 is about as high as you'll reliably go on pump gas) coupled with improved airflow through the head which is a combination of porting, valve size and cam profile. I don't have experience with this engine directly so can't offer more specifics sorry.

Hi Romaine,

The Toyota engines you've listed are classed as 'fuel efficient' hence the 'FE' in the code, this means they're geared towards making the most efficient burn possible. This is achieved in the head design mainly, cam choices etc.

There is a lot of tuning potential out of these little engines, I'm currently building an 4EFTE myself, so you'll find cams and such like once you start looking.

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