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LCD displays vs. Polarized Sunglasses

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I was surprised to find that my AiM MXS 1.2 dash logger display is not visible through polarized sunglasses. In contrast, the forward-facing display on my AiM SmartyCam is, as is the display on my original AiM Solo DL. This is a function of the polarization angle built into the displays and so is something the manufacturer chooses. The polarization angles are horizontal for the dash, 45° for the SmartyCam, and vertical for the Solo DL, so AiM runs the gamut. Only horizontal polarization is problematic. Too bad AiM chose the wrong orientation for the dash.

A closer look with attached images can be found here:


This is something that has never occurred to me, James. I've never worn glasses in a racecar either though. It's quite surprising they would choose to design the polarisation like this for a dash unit. Surely this is something they'll look to update in future dashes, unless there is possibly a good reason they design them like this that you can think of?

It's one of the reasons that Pilots should not wear polarised glasses when flying (they can also prevent pilots from seeing other planes by blocking the reflected light off of the other plane) as the glass (and some of the 6 pack) cockpits in use now all have anti glare filters, so the polarisation in the glasses and screens can work against each other.

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