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Meth injection using Fuel Pump, Regulator, and fuel injector

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Hello, this is my first post, sorry if it’s in the wrong area it encompasses a few categories but figured I’d post here for general info. I’ve hear of injecting m1 using a fuel pump, a fuel pressure regulator, and an injector post turbo for reliability and tuning. I’m having a hard time finding any info. The cars I’ve seen this on are 1000-2000 hp. I’d like to get info like general setup, pressure used etc. Any info or article links would be great. I included a pic that’s not my car from a fb post. I reached out to them as well and will include any info I get here

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Well if any else is looking into this here is some info I found out.

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External methanol pump

common in off the shelf kits

130-200 psi

In tank pump

I was told brushless fuel pumps are the only ones that are methanol safe

PSI unknown


Uses Compressed CO2 to pressurized a small meth storage tank (looks like compressed air tank for visual)

Pressurized to 200 psi

No pump needed

No info found on running meth at lower psi for any setup so I'm not sure if onboard are could do it at around 100 psi

Setups most commonly use a solenoid and a nozzle

Fuel Pressure regulator and injector setup is like a normal fuel system. Again I couldn't find what people run them at pressure wise.

I'm going to run meth injection and inject into the turbo volute with a solenoid very close by and control it with an injector driver

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