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Hi Guys,

Are you going to present more videos of your efforts to develop your track car?


Hi Tony,

We do make quite a lot of use of our in-house cars to make content, they are constantly evolving. What topics are you interested in? Is there any previous content that you found particularly interesting?

Hi Tim,

Last year your sister company HPA was campaning a car and I thought you guys may do it again but in this part of the organisation. It seems that part is all quite after such a big push last year.

I think you must be talking about the SR20 powered GT86 endurance car? A lot of work has gone into that car over the last 6 months, it is still very much a project for us. If you're interested in checking out some of the progress on it I usually mention it in the pre-show of the Racecraft member webinars. The pre-shows are all uploaded to our youtube channel, just search "preshow" on our channel and you will find them.

Other than that, I am sure you will see more of that car featured on Racecraft in the future!

Thanks for the update Tim, I greatly enjoyed the videos last year and felt the pain for all you guys when developing a new car.

In my experience, there's usually quite a lot of pain involved when you start stretching the capabilities of what a car was intended for and endurance racing is at the extreme end of that! The good news is the car is a lot more developed and refined now than it was last season, it doesn't so much look like it from the outside but it's a much more solid package overall now. Keep your eye's peeled 🤓

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