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1996 z32 obd2 reflash?

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So I am curious about the option of ecu reflashing for a 1996 z32 with the stock obd2 system. To start I'm sure someone must've tried or posted about this but I couldn't find anything, is it possible to download the stock maps from anywhere ? Any help on the topic would be excellent as I am new here and to tuning a whole, thank you

Hi Nathan,

I'm afraid the Z32 is before the days of OBDII, what you should look into if you're wanting to reflash the stock ECU is a Nistune daughterboard, this installs on the OE ECU and allows you to tune it live.

Okay so Nistune will work with the 1996? I was always told/thought the 96 was the very first year obd2 was introduced for the z32? It's possible I am wrong

96 might be when they introduced it but it will still likely use the OBDI port


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