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1jz stock injector dead times

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Hi all,

Can anyone share 1jz stock injector dead times to be used in link g4 ?

Unfortunately getting accurate dead time data for a stock injector is difficult, if not impossible. If you can't get reliable data I'd recommend scaling the entire default dead time table in the ECU so that you're at about 0.85 ms at 14V. From here you can set the AFR at idle and disconnect the alternator and then add electrical load to reduce the battery voltage and adjust the dead time table to maintain a constant AFR. This won't get you the correct dead time values but it'll give you stable control of the AFR with fluctuating loads.

Thank you andre for the information. I understand that mostly we operate between 14 to 11 volts. so i have to keep adjusting untill i get stable AFRs.

I will start with 2jz stock injector dead times and work my way up from there.

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