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2000cc Bosch Id injectors HELP

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Hi everyone, first time posting so excuse me if I've placed this in the wrong section.

Have an rb25det and am trying to tune my power FC with my FC-edit software and datalogit.

I've worked out the duty cycle should be around 18.5%

Even with this set the afrs on my AEM wideband (brand-new) are jumping around from 10/1 to 20/1.

Would love if someone could point me in the direction of if the dwell needs changing and also the inj lag time.sorry if this is basic it's the start of my tuning journey.

Thanks everyone!

What exactly is your question?


More info would be a big help, but yes you should always start with proper injector lag/dead/latency time values associated with the base fuel pressure you'll be operating at since PowerFC doesn't support 3d latency.

18.5% on 2000cc injectors is quite a lot of fuel. What condition is this related to? If idle, you likely have so much fuel a misfire is being induced, but please tell us more so we can better assist.

Managed to get 1000cc injectors that are far better suited to my needs, thanks for the replies though appreciate it

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