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350Z VQ35DE Very Weak Spark on Cold Start

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Hello all! I have a 2006 350Z with a Vortech V3 Supercharger, ID1050X Injectors, Radium Surge Tank, and a Walbro 450. Currently running Flex Fuel on a Haltech Platinum Pro. I currently have an issue on cold start. Running OEM ignition coils and there is extremely weak spark while cranking. If the factory ECU is swapped back in, it will fire right up. Sent the unit to Haltech to be bench tested and came back perfect. Other than the weak spark, it runs perfect otherwise. Attached is a log. Any help is appreciated! Thank you all!

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How about the dwell time table?

I'm no Haltech expert, but in the log you have some increasing values in the "Miss Counter" which sounds like trigger errors, but again I'm not used to the Haltech lingo.

Great ideas from these guys, and I'll just throw in that sometimes the stock ECU is more tolerant of low voltage during cranking.

Perhaps see what happens with a jump pack or high amp charger hooked up. You could first log voltages at high frequency during a start and see how low it's dropping. If you're down in the 10s, behavior likely won't be ideal.

First of all how it was concluded that it's weak spark causing the poor start? 99 times out of 100 it's lack of fuel during the cold start causing engine to stall...

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