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4B11T Evo X Knock Sensor

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The engine has a knock sensor located on the block, where is there another suitable location to install a knock sensor for a knock box on the engine?

Have you considered getting a longer bolt and installing it on top of the existing sensor? Or remove the factory sensor while using the knock box for tuning.

I did think of the longer bolt, but was unsure if it would affect the readings, so will try that!

The ecu still uses the knock sensor so would like the hear what the ecu does if possible.


have you had a chance to try this out yet? I would be interested to know if this works or we need to come up with another solution.



Will be trying it later tonight, as I run a syvecs ecu want to compare to oem logs somehow

The Bosch donut style sensors seem to require a flat mounting boss of the engine (20mm diameter if I recall correctly) so that the piezo element of the sensor has a solid surface to mount to in order to transfer vibration.

The rear of the sensor doesn't have such a boss, so I wouldn't think that it would be as effective if you mounted on sensor to the rear of the other using a longer bolt. I'm keen to hear how it works out!

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