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4G63 Evo conversion to DBW

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Got a bee in my bonnet and I'm starting to think about fitting a DBW setup in place of my existing TB. The main driver behind this (short of idle hands and making work for myself) is that I don't have an idle control valve and the hassle of sourcing and fitting one (ideally with only 8-10mm connections and PWN driven, did wonder about fitting a boost solenoid to the manifold with a brass filter on the inlet to it but not sure if this is a terrible idea for some reason?!) 8-10mm is because I have a spare connection on the manifold and a 1/8" hole blanked on the boost pipework.

I started to think about going DBW and being done with it. The Evo X pedal is a straightforward fit and I have been told a VAG 65mm TB is a good shout.

Has anyone any experience with this on a 4G63 with Link? I'm really after feedback on the pro's and cons of doing it for a mainly street car. I do like the idea of having adjustable throttle response and more importantly decent idle control.

I've never done it personally, but what about fitting a 4B11T throttlebody from an Evo X and copying over the various ECU settings commonly used for that?

I done in on my Subaru race car.

Just make sure u have plenty of spare An inputs. You will need 4.

Some good info in the link help file.

I don’t have much to add about the DBW, except there are really no cons, it also gives you ability for easy anti lag and cruise control too.

As for the idle valve you will need a lot more than 8mm for idle control, 15-20mm is typical. The Bosch valves are easy to fit with just hose tail type fittings.

Just for my own knowledge, what type of input is an "An" input?

Analog input. For electronic throttle you typically need 4, 2 for pedal position sensors and 2 for throttle position sensors.

Ah, of course. I appreciate the response.

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