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8 Injectors with 4 INJ outputs.

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Hi team

I have a customer car that runs a Haltech Elite 1500 ecu. This particular car requires 8 injectors but the 1500 ecu is limited to 4 injector outputs.

Is it possible to wire 2 injectors per output and have the ecu energize the 12V injector supply relay to the second bank of injectors at X psi with no ill effect on the ability to tune accurately?

My thinking is that i could use the map activation to also trigger a fuel map switch in the haltech that would scale the base VE map accordingly.

Yes, you should be able to run a pair of injectors like this if they are wired in parallel. It is going to give you a bit of a step in the fuel delivery at the point the extra injectors are brought in but that's probably as good as you can hope for without proper staged injection and 8 individual injector outputs.

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