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The inbuilt search feature of this forum isn't great...in fact it's kind of useless.

Here is a better Google powered search: http://bit.ly/1U7TeFq

Let me know if this is a step in the right direction?

Great search engine , keep up the great work.

Hi Ben,

Can you place a button on the forum page that links to that URL? That way I can click to search (using google) without having to remember the link or bookmark it etc etc..



Here is a different Google trick. Enter into the Google search box (for example looking for injector sizing in this site)

site:www.hpacademy.com injector sizing

Have fun tuning


Not really search related, but can you enable word-wrap - it is kinda annoying having words break in the middle?

Hi Ben

any chance you can upgrade the search feature on this forum ,as you have indicated it’s pretty ‘useless’?

Hey Tony,

Yes it's on the list for improvement. We have been working on a few other things in the background that have been prioritized above the forum though sorry such as the auto-play feature and later in the year a certificate system upgrade. This will get done though, I promise :)

custom search not working for me? maybe its broken?

Yeah the search function needs to be implemented site wide. Luckily I stumbled onto thos post as well as inadvertently found the site: google function.

Hi guys need help with finding tuning software for 99-05 suzuki grand vitara 2.7 v6 ecu thanks

Thanks Ben, the Google link works much better.

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