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A few questions on Plex Knock monitor settings

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Have been getting more acquainted with my Plex. It's for sure a pretty slick device.

1) Regarding the audio filter, they offer you a choice of bandpass filters or a choice from 2 high pass filters. The general suggestion is to start with the bandpass filter that matches your chosen knock frequency. However I'm using the 2nd order knock frequency and there are no 2nd order bandpass filters on the list to choose from (only 1st order and then high pass). So for now I've chosen the 1st order bandpass and that seems to work but I wanted to see if that was sensible?

2) Attached I have my realtime knock vs rpm log. I think it looks pretty sensible to me but I'm a rookie at this at best so wanted to see what someone much more qualified thinks. Also wondering if I should tighten up the threshold line closer to the dots especially in the 3-5k rpm area or if what I've done is sufficient. My instinct told me to stick with the linear threshold but I don't know if that is sensible either?

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I'd say your knock threshold is fine, but I'd induce some light knock and cross check it works as intended. Typically a good amount of det will show as a brief spike that is significantly higher than your average engine noise.

I think if you make the threshold any tighter than it currently is then you may induce some false knock counts.

Sorry I missed this, thank you.

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