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Accel enrich Lambda target on ethanol

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Anyone here have experienced E85 or E100 accel enrich tuning? What was the accel enrich lambda that you've found for best response?

Mine was about 0,78 but I think that's too rich.

I don't have nice clean data to share, but it seems to me that cars switched from gasoline to E85 were pretty happy with regards to accel fuel. E85 seems less likely to misfire due to slightly rich or lean mixture, in my opinion. The only thing tricky about E85 was needing more fuel pump / injectors, and cold start is more difficult to tune also.

What ECU are you using and what kind of accel enrichment? Is it a wall wetting model or just rate of change of TPS/MAP ?

It’s a fueltech FT600, the accel enrich is just a tps rate of change.


The biggest difference between E0-E10 and high ethanol concentrations is the accel enrichment when the engine is warming up. This is due to the poor vaporization of ethanol; far more fuel sticks to the port and accumulates in the crankcase.

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