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accelerometers affecting Motec M1 traction control?

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Hi Guys

If the Motec M1 is installed on its side and the accelerometers are not zeroed. Could this affect the output of a traction control map? Are the internal accelerometers used for traction/launch control? Thanks for your help. Russell

On the GP packages the internals accelerometers (ie.ECU Acceleration X, Y & Z) are not used for vehicle dynamics. The traction control uses the Vehicle Acceleration Lateral -- and if no Sensor Resource is defined then the table "Traction Aim Compensation Acceleration Lateral" will always use the 0 entry if the axis is enabled.

I do not believe there is a way (at least in the GP packages) to specify that the internal accelerometers should be used for the Vehicle Acceleration Lateral Sensor. Custom firmware could make this happen if it was desired.