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Adaptronic modular ECU for RB25DET anyone?

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Has anyone used the Adaptronic Plug In ECU for Nissan, specifically RBs ?

Specs read interesting, and they have been bought up by Haltech.

Any experience? How usable are their base maps?



I'm yet to use an Adaptronic, however we have a modular going into our FD3S RX7 and I'm excited to test it out. I personally rate Andy who founded and ran Adaptronic to be one of the smartest guys in the aftermarket ECU game and Haltech did well to pick up his talent.

I know their base maps for mx5s are pretty good. Load map, and generally the car will start and run, although a bit rich.

I haven't used the modular ecus, but have played with an old 440d and probably the biggest issue is their software. Hopefully the Eugene software works better with the modular ecus, but using it with the older ecus has proved painful, and even Wari is unreliable these days (freezes when writting to the ecu). I would happily throw out the adaptronic and install a haltech, or link, just based on the issues with the software alone.

Not sure if others have found this, but Eugene doesn't scale well on resolutions higher than 1920x1080 - I never had an issue with my laptop and didn't even think it was set on a higher resolution, but you'll have weird scaling for the text and maps, and you can't see everything. Setting it to 1920x1080 and it makes it usable.

Thank you,

The modular ECU has interesting features like the inbuilt knock earphone sockets, oscilloscope function (via Eugene), and direct support of Innovate MTS chain for WB connectivity. I know Innovate is not in the 'professional realm but I happens to be my setup.

I downloaded Eugene (their SW) to get an idea about how it works, and found it to be laggy at times (for redrawing menus/tables/graphs etc) which I found somewhat strange. (That's on an I7 laptop)

There is also no PDF/Manual that walks you through only a couple of (older) videos about various aspects of the ECU. The questions I had were answered quickly via EMail but a real manual would help.

I also couldn't find much feedback from users/tuners about the ECU and the WebSite has not changed much in the last year. They also closed their support forum many months ago. (on their website) https://adaptronicecu.com/pages/support

Andy is a likeable/smart guy, and I like the ECU but there is limited information available about the future/development of Adaptronic's range.

Adaptronic always seemed to have great hardware/capability. Like the serial integration with the innovate stuff is super handy.

I assume haltech will get Andy's smarts and integrate it with there new products (pdm/ecu all in 1 for example), and adaptronic will slowly be absorbed.

... that's what I'm concerned about. Stripping Adaptronic of its IP and then let the range/brand die.

I couldn't find information about Adaptronic on Haltech's website and nothing to be read on the Adaptronic's site either.

They seem to update their 'Eugene' software though which is good news.

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