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Andre/ anyone else on here that has experience,

Can you guys tell me what would be the best stand alone option on a EP82 Toyota Starlet with a 4EFTE engine?



Do you need any advanced features? Flat shift, launch control, water-meth injection, double tables, boost control?

Mine first idea was Link G4+ Atom, maybe Haltech PS500, but it has less features than Link - this is for street car

Any modern standalone ECU should do the job (except if you have odd requirement)

This days it's more about availability, support, experience and how much you want to spend on it.

Well I have done many toyota engine 4efte 5efe 4age 3sgte 2rzfe with diffrent ecu like Microtech Haltech Fuel tech EMS ecu and Lately Link g4 +ecu storm or Atom. Thee all work well .but it's all depend how you want to spend on a ecu .have found that Link ecu have all the nessarry fuction and it's doing a very good job and been doing more Link ecu lately .

If your going standalone in one of those I'm guessing your going for real power. If it was me I'd look into the Link G4+ Storm as it has traction control strategies which will help get that power to the ground.

Most ECUs will be able to run the engine as it's nice and basic, you need to look into the other options.

Most, if not all of the mainstream standalone ECUs will be able to more than adequately handle a 4EFTE as it isn't a particularly advanced engine. Consider the features you want, the inputs and outputs you need and t=finally your budget. If you align the specs/price of the different ECUs against these wants and needs it will help you make you choice. As Ludo mentions, often the choice comes down to the knowledge of your tuner (if you're relying on a third party for tuning), and availability and local support.

To the op. Just dont get an aem ems 4 or series two. Why you might ask buggy assed software they refuse to fix. I know I use them.

What I would also consider is the support and documentation you can get for your new ECU. Especially if you are new with tuning ECU's.

I would have a look on an product, which Andre and Ben has made a course for. They are a great help.

Personally I can highly recommend LINK ECU's. They are very flexible and well developed and documented. If you don't tune several ECU a month, it's a helpful and a great value to have a well documented and bug free software. The LINK documentation was a very good guide and reference book also fo other (bad documented) ECU, when i started whit standalone ECU's several years back.

I feel alot ECU manufactures document their products much to less. As an example, it could be quite time consuming to find the right informations if you use advanced function on a MOTEC hundred series ECU for the first time, because there are no or only very basic informations in the help file.

You can setup a help window on a Layout page in the LINK sofware which will show you alot informaton and setup examples for every menu or map you click on. There is a help for any button, function, map etc. you can think of.

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