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AEM Infinity with a password locked tune...

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a customer came to me with an AEM infinity hoping I could tune it for him, its a 350Z with a 1Jgzte vvti he had it tuned by a friend some time ago and it has some quirks he does not like ... we discovered that the tune is password protected...and his friend does not want to give up the password... I told the customer it was fine with me either way if he used the previous tuner or me but that I would have to start from scratch on his tune... and that was not a huge deal (its not)

we are not locked out of the ECU are we? just the channels that the previous tuner selected to be protected?

Ive not worked with AEM in a long time and it was only once or twice maybe 10+ years ago

my question is can I just grab a 2Jvvti session and use that as a base making the changes to the displacement and injectors and build his tune from there ?? there is one available in the examples that come with the infinity SW

I hope the question/s are clear enough

thank you


Hi Jak exactly as you are thinking, just load a base map into it and carry on tuning it.

Regards Ross

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