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AEM or Haltech for a Porsche Flat 6

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I am Building a Porsche flat Six 2.7 liter engine for a track-only car. I don't have the original ECU or the harness. So in a way, this is a great opportunity for me to learn and build the harness. Which Standalone ECU would you recommend for these engines and why? Thank you in advance.

I'm sure someone with more experience will chime in. However, in my opinion both are capable ECU's. Usually its more a case of what user interface you are more comfortable with. Both systems are very capable and offer a lot of inputs and outputs which can probably support whatever you're trying to do.

I'm curious to see what others have to say.

I'd agree that either ECU will be more than capable of running the engine, particularly given it's not an overly complex engine. Local support is a big factor but you should be able to get easy help on either ECU given that you're in the US. Cost is the other factor to consider in your decision. Given that we have course material on both ECUs, regardless which way you decide to go you'll be able to learn from our courses and webinars.

Awesome thank you.

Parker, Porsche 2.7 liter engine was cis fuel injection and don’t used ECUs. You need to start from cero and a lot of parts for the conversion. Good luck and have fun it’s the only way.

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