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AEM V2 or Infinity

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Hey Guys,

I'm looking for some feedback about the AEM V2 or Infinity to be installed in a Supra TT 1993 Manual and Mitsubishi Evolution IX. I ask AEM for some information but they went more toward the sales than technical comparisons. Can you guys based on your experience recommend me which is better for me? I will be running flex fuel, C16 and 93 depending of the events. The Supra is BPU with expected to be build this year (800WHP) and the EVO is fully build running actually on E85. I will appreciate your feedback.




the AEM v2 is a bit out dated, so if you stick with the AEM brand, I'd recommend the Infinity range of ECUs.

Either should handle the basics you've mentioned. From a technical standpoint , I would certainly recommend the Infinity if both cost you the exact same amount of money. The logging is significantly better, VE-based air & fuel calcs tend to result in a vehicle that drives better. Infinity has more ways to handle common 'modified car' problems such as fuel pressure, oil pressure, lean AFR, coolant too hot or cold, etc. At 800HP it's useful to have traction control, this is easier to configure on the Infinity ECU. Infinity should be easier to configure a 'race gas / pump gas' switch, I can't think of a clean way to do that on a Series2 ECU.

There are three possible exceptions to this recommendation in my opinion:

1. If the person who will be tuning your engine prefers to use a certain ECU brand or model after trying both, it's usually best to stick with what they are comfortable working with.

2. The Infinity doesn't have the OEM Toyota connectors on the box, there is an adapter harness. I'm personally not a big fan of adapter harnesses, but the other advantages outweigh this in my opinion.

3. You might be able to get a better price on a used Series2. Try to have the seller prove that a used ECU is fully functional or provide some sort of money-back guarantee, Unfortunately there are some dishonest people out there and repairs on damaged hardware can be expensive enough to outweigh low prices.

Hope that helps,


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