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Any sugestions for an aftermaket plug in ecu for a EVO IX MR

MoTeC M800 Plugin as a direct plugin unit if it is a non SST gearbox car, or John Reed Racing has a Package to suit the EVO for the M1 http://johnreedracing.com/m1-packages/ this is a wire in kit, but they should be able to help with this.

Hi there

yes you can try haltech platinum pro plug in series or link G4+.

Link G4+ and Motec all day! Both are fantastic ECU's !

I have to agree with Adrian, both are my preferred ECUs. Just a couple days ago I sold my Haltech PS2000 to buy the new G4+ Thunder ;)

I was talking to Scott from emtron at PRI last week about an evo IX and they have just released one with loads of cool stuff, just as another option.

The EVO IX is well supported by ECU manufacturers already for plug & play options so you've got options from most of the mainstream players here. Also the EVO IX doesn't really have any special technology on it that limits which ECUs can be fitted as a wire in option so your options are almost endless.

I'd recommend you start by listing what inputs, outputs and functionality you would like and the price you're prepared to pay. This will help narrow down your options.

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